speed up your website

Best ways to Speed up your website

Speeding your website lead to improve the website ranking as customer get much interested on the sites which takes less time as compare to the website took a long time in loading. Therefore, here are some practices that may lead to Speeding up your website.

CONTENT: Content is most significant part of your website. By optimizing your content you can speed up your website. The content not only include the paragraph but also other tools like:

  1. Diminish DOM elements: high number of DOM elements meant that there is some improvement required. By reducing DOM element the website speed get improved.
  2. Avoid 404: 404 is an error made when the user is looking for the page which is not available on the server, this error leads to a huge customer loss. To avoid this error few points must be followed and kept in mind. These are: Redirect on-site, Redirect from the host, Submit new pages to the search engines, and Keep an eye on your page listings with different tools.
  3. Minimize DNS system: DNS refers to the Domain Name System; by reducing the amount of hostnames you can reduce the DNS system. This will helps to speed up your website.
  4. Minimize the http requests: On the basis of various surveys, about 80% of time is spent on downloading the different components of pages like images, style sheet, flash etc. by optimizing them you can boost up the speed of the website.


  1. Make a use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) : CDN helps to provide images and other content in high speed to different geographical location. CSN helps to boost up the speed of the webpage’s. It also prevent website from crashing.
  2. Avoid empty image src: empty image SRC will destroy your Website and in turn, lead to diminish the speed of the website therefore empty image src must be avoided.
  3. Reduce Cookie Size: A cookie can be HTML cookie, Browser Cookie, Web Cookie is considered as a data sent by the website to the user’s web browser. It is important to reduce cookies because it get stored by the browser and when the user come back on the same website then he will get recognized because of that information which get stored.


  1. Avoid CSS expression: CSS expression leads to degrading the performance of the website. changing them into alternative tag improve and boost up the speed of the website.
  2.  Put stylesheet at the top: The CSS must be put on top of the page and JavaScript should be putted on the end. Because it make the page loaded fast and speed up your website.


  1. Optimize images : optimizing the images on webpage leads to high upgrade in performance of the website. The image can be optimized by providing a proper size , quality, provide a relevant name to the image in plain English, optimize alt tag of the image brilliantly, use image site map.
  2. Say no to scale images in HTML : Do not scale your images in HTML it leads to unnecessary brand width wasted downloading heavy images. if you want to resize your image then take the image of high dimension then necessary  according to your requirement and resize them in image editor. This will boost up the speed of your website.
  3. Keep components under 25 KB: This is more significant for mobile phones to keep components under 25KB. This will helps to speed up the website.