Web Trends 2017

Web Design Trends 2017

The world of Web Designing is Changing continuously according to time so it is very important to keep your eyes on
the current web designs if you are a web designer or want to design your new website. There are some trends
which keeps changing with time, few trends get vanished away, some new ones comes and few flourish with time.
A website plays very significant role in a business and with catchy design you can take a long way in this path. So
keeping in mind the new trends early enough lead to edge over your rivals.

Different web design trends we can expect in 2017 :

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Google and Wikipedia successfully use artificial intelligence software and programs.The technology is now more than our reach and it allow to develop software which can think, act and work as human beings  without requiring the manpower.
  2. Authentic rather than stock images: Peoples generally like to see original images related to the business, industry, organization and company rather than stock or generic  images.
  3.  GIF and Animation: Mostly a website and apps use animations. But newly GIFs are prevailing. Now along with facebook and Twitter, GIFs can be used for web designs too.

  4. Fast and Easy Registration: Most of the time when you try to log into the site, they ask you to get registered by any of your social account like facebook, Google or gmail account.  Through  this long practice of filling larger forms get eliminated and this fast sign  up process is apperciated

  5.    Minimalistic Web Design: Minimalistic is a new level in 2017. Now rather than hit with a homepage users are now presented a card.

  6. More emphasis on landing page then on homepage:  To target the visitors and their need it is very important to derive the traffic on to the landing page. Landing page increase conversion these pages are designed as same as other pages on the site, but these pages target the visitor more as others.