Making money through educational video  is one of the best option to earn money through home you can upload the educational videos on YouTube or on  different education sites on internet. If you are good at your subject and having a deep knowledge of any subject or topic then there is a best opportunity for you to earn from home. There is no certification required and there is no need to go on any institution  far away. The thing you have to do is to prepare all the study material in home. is one of the biggest learning and teaching  market place providing abundant of courses and the student can enroll for any of the courses. Here as a instructor you can start your course by providing text, images, videos, audios. Different courses are available here on demand of student. For creating your educational video you must have an experience to explain your subject in easy format through a video that should be record through a good quality camera. Also you have to research how much courses are there as similar as the course you are going to start for that you have to create an account in and find out how much peoples are interested on that particular course and try to know the level of your audience whether it is in expert level or in intermediate level and after getting a whole report prepare the content for your subject try to make the course in video format as it is much fruitful method and more than 80 percent of courses are prepared as video format try to find out various methods and techniques to engage your audience ex. quiz competition, feedback session etc.

Preparing a blog can also helps to get more enrollment, the blog may containing the syllabus of the course. A large number of visitor visit the every day therefore there are much chances for your channel to visit therefore the channel must be interesting. Once the students start enrolled in your course you will get paid. So making and selling your knowledge through education video is one of the easiest way to earn money from home.