Working from home is best way to earn money but for that we must have patience as it takes a little or long time to get paid.

Blogger: Blogger is one of the best way to earn money from home and like other working schedule there is not boundation of timing i.e to work 10 to 6 an office timing , you can write blog anytime, anywhere. Let make it very clear that it take a little or long time to get paid as a blogger, it depends on the topic of your blog and the information you covered in your blog. But there are some steps you have to follow these are : At very first you have to set up your blog , it is very easy to start a blog firstly choose the blog platform, select the domain name for your blog after this configure and design your blog

The second step of blogging is to write a unique and  content that  gets lot of traffic  try to write valuable blog so that people start waiting for your blog the trust and interest of people  is very important for earning money from blogs.

Third step is to get your audience by promoting your blogs and monetize your blog : To earn money through the blog it is not enough to write the blog only but we have to promote  it too.  We can promote it by sharing it in various tools of social media. We can analyses our reader and their choice by getting their feedback. Also we can build backlinks by putting useful comments on others blogs. Try to write the blogs on on important topic and on regular basis.