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Remote accress tools for screen sharing

Remote access tools

Most of the times when you are in the remote location there is the need to access your computer which is located in your home/office for example you are in the office and want some information from the home computer or you are in the one branch of your office and other branch is in other location and you have some work from the particular computer which is operated in other location than will you travel their ? Off-course No.

Yes, now there are various remote control access tools that help you to operate the computer of one location from any other location as you are sitting in front of that computer. All you need is a god internet connection and the remote control tool must be installed in both the computer. there are various remote control tools are there which can be differ in their feature , cost and ease of use but the working is almost same. Some are free for personal use and paid for commercial use. Some of them work even with smartphones and android but others are not. Some require the expertise and technical knowledge but some are easily understood by everyone.

Lets study some of the Remote control tools:

Team-Viewer: Team- viewer supports windows, Linux, Mac, Android , Chrome Os, iOS, Window App, Blackberry. Also it offer free services for personal use. It offer computer to computer connections for real-time support or access to files, networks and programs. It is very easy to setup and to configure.

LogMeIn Pro: LogMeIn pro disconnected the free services and now it offer only the paid service but it offer a free trial service before you buy it. It have a simple and quick also it is very easy to use. Fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop, or iOS and Android.

Splash-top can remote desktop for business professionals and teams and IT and support team .It include the feature of file transfer, remote access, and multi user access. It is free tool for personal use for one WiFi connection and paid for business and multi user access.
Website: It offer free screen sharing , online meeting it is free, fast and easy. It is modern interface and provide free business trial


online payment gateway in India

Online Payment Gateways

If you are looking for e-commerce business or selling product in your site or providing online payment facility to your customer then you require a payment gateway to accept payment from your customers.

Setting a payment gateway is heavy task, as it include lengthy steps like  documentation, verification, huge setup feeds and technical know how to make it work. But now everything is getting digitize therefore it is very easy to use.There are different payment gateways available .Some of them are:

  1. CCAvenue : CCAvenue is the one of the biggest payment gateway provided in India.  It has its large number of customer.  Over 88% of businesses using this engine for their payment gateway. This platform provides you more than 100 payment option and have different features.  CC Avenue support all the bank and payment options the engine is easy to use.
  2. Citrus Pay: Citrus is second most important tool to make online payment quick and effectively. It also provide wallet service.Documentation process of citrus is very lengthy.
  3. PayU Money: PayU money is an best and easy payment gateway . It is a saving account payment gateway for individuals.
  4. EBS: E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EBS) facilitates online purchases from a merchant’s website and helps them to collect payment from the end customers through net banking, credit and debit cards etc. It is an intermediary that assembles the online payment options offered by various banks, cash card brands and many other payment processors onto a single platform with minimum technical integration with merchant website.
  5. Instamojo: The easiest way to sell online and collect payments for your products & services in India – with a link, on your website or social media. it is an another payment gateways helps to Collect Payments anywhere – SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Website & more. Never miss a payment – Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Wallets, Net Banking, UPI & EMI.
  6. Paypal: PayPal is one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies. The company operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee

Top  Mobile Wallets in India:

Paytm : Paytm is India’s largest mobile payments and commerce platform. It started with online mobile recharge and bill payments and has an online marketplace today. The name is an acronym for “Pay Through Mobile”.

Mobikwik: MobiKwik is an Indian company founded in 2009 that provides a mobile phone based payment system and digital wallet. Customers add money to an online wallet that can be used for payments.




Google have a lot of product. One of them most commonly used product is G Suite, G Suite  is developed by Google launched on 28 August 2006. G Suite include various features for communication  like Gmail, Hangout, Calendar and Google + and for storage it provide google drive and for Collaboration it comprises of Docs, sheets, Slides, Forms and sites . Also provide admin panel and Vault for managing user and the  services. G suite is the  leader in cloud business emails. G Suite provide 14 days free trial for upto 10 user. After 14 days you have to pay for it and you will only pay for the services you use all over the month.

G Suite is considered as google app for your domain and a google app for your work.G Suite provide cloud storage facility, additional administrative tools and advanced settings, as well as all time email and phone support.

It provide offline support i.e through G Suite user can prepare slides , edit and create documents even when they are not connected with internet.

Once you show G Suite that you have a domain you with your team can being using google and its various services like Calendar, hangout , blogger, Google + and  various other.

By using G Suite you can use and manage your user services from the cloud. you can add user and let they can also use the services. you can even turn of the services through admin panel  that you don’t want to provide to the user.

Configure account in G- Suite is very easy. You can easily add more domain to your account with free of cost.

If you don’t have domain you can also purchase it from one of domain host partners of G Suite after signing for G Suite.

premium software

Alternative to Premium software

There are number of the free alternative software are available instead of that you are paying for premium software because you are unaware about such alternative software. There software have features just like premium software. If you require a change from your usual application-of-choice or you are trying to maintaining your budget or on a tight budget, then you definitely need to know about some free software apps.

These are :

  1. GIMP ( Gnu image Manipulation program)                                                                                                         Alternative of : PhotoshopGIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) is created by Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball.It is a best open source alternative of photoshop available for different operating system window, mac, Linux, Microsoft etc. It does not have complete professional workflow feature of adobe’s package but it is packed with similar tools and options just like photoshop(from brushes to layers) that make your image outstanding and take it to the next level.GIMP provides you various options for photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring resizing, cropping, photo-montages, converting between different image format, and more specialized tasks.By researching GIMP you get many impressive tools, filters, image enhancements, picture controls.If you are looking for more alternatives of photoshop , Window user can try, Mac users can go for the highly acclaimed Pixelmator ($30).
  2. LIBRE OFFICE                                                                                                                                                     Alternative of : MS OfficeLibre Office is a strong and effective office suite- it is enriched with different features to release your creativity and enhance your productivity. Libre have various tools with it that makes it most strong open source tool in marketLibre office include:
  • Writer (word processing),
  • Calc (spreadsheets),
  • Impress (presentations),
  • Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts),
  • Base (databases), and Math (formula editing).

Libre office helps you to look your content great. It helps you to open the office document, edit them save them. And yes, its absolutely free.

  1. LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)                                                                                                                    Alternative of :premium music-editing softwareLMMS stands for Linux MultiMedia Studio, is a digital audio workstation software which is free to use, fantastic tool. It is avaliable for different operating systems like including GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, OS X and Windows .LMMS helps you in sequencing , composing, mixing and editing to effects mixing and built-in instruments for effects, loops, and other sounds. If you are a complete beginner spend some time in LMMS you will get the potential of the application.
  2. Inkscape                                                                                                                                                                Alternative of : Adobe IllustratorInkscape is an open source professional quality vector graphic software used for making logos, illustrations, diagrams, maps and web graphics available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. It has large number of feature and practical drawing tools with same efficiency compare to Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Xara Xtreme. Inkscape have ability to import and export files in different formats like SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS and PNG. It has simple interface. You can make and manipulate objects easily or draw freehand, even customize its functionality with add-ons.
  3. Scribus
    Alternative Adobe InDesignsScribus is a great, free open source desktop publishing software is an alternative to Adobe InDesign which has many of the same features. It is little tricky if you are a beginner after giving some time it allows creation of page layout, spot colors and different feature in Adobe’s professional software. Scribus has various touches such as it support a huge number of files types via import/ export filters, it has powerful vector drawing tools, it provide markup languages like LaTeX or Lilypond inside Scribus.
  4. Blender:                                                                                                                                                                       Blender is a best open source software for you, If you are looking for 3D modeling, 3D painting or 3D Animation and you are a beginner of this field. It is little tricky in the beginning but while spending some time with it you will be the expert of this tool

Gmail : custom search in inbox

Firstly lets know some more about Gmail, Gmail is the free e-mail service provided by Google with 15 GB of free space. Gmail is used for both personal and professional communications. You can even manage them by sorting, customizing, and arrange them differently.


How to optimize your Inbox:

1) Use automated labels and filters to clean up your inbox:

Google provide various filter and labels to clean up your inbox. You can create filter to delete, forward and star your mail, or maintain a category to keep specific type of messages out of spam. You can also apply label to incoming messages for example work group, family, friends and many more. Even you can apply filter to remove unnecessary messages from your inbox.

Manage your incoming messages automatically with Gmail’s filters.

2) Easily undo to get back sent messages

There is something imperfect in your email? You just forget to add recipient? Some new idea strike on your mind about sending a message? You can take back a message you just sent for up to 30 second by enabling GMAIL’s UNDO SEND option.

What to do to make sure your undo send option is activated in Gmail.


  • Open your Gmail account and go on to the setting option.
  • Select General Tab.
  • Scroll down to Undo Send and check if it got Enable Undo Send box
  • You can also set the cancellation period, if you want.
  • At last, click on save changes to Enable Undo Sent.


3) Priority Inbox to focus on important emails.

Yes, you get a large number of emails everyday. Do you get affected by them and how long time you take to go through them? Google provided an option of Priority Inbox that helps you to focus on the emails having high priority messages by automatically dividing them from the rest of your emails. Priority Inbox helps to divide your inbox into 3 parts these are Important and unread, starred and everything else- and the option makes the guess that which option is more important for you, it predicts that what’s important to you, you can even highlight the messages that are significant for you.

How to enable Priority Inbox option :

Open your Gmail account, point towards your inbox label and click the arrow appears just next to Inbox.

From the menu, select the option of Priority Inbox. The option lead to divide the inbox into 3 sections named as:

  • Important and unread.
  • Starred.
  • Everything else.

If you find any message in everything else that should not be placed there, follow the option given here:

  • To add the same message to Important and unread, click on the message importance marker it is places on the right of star.
  • To add it to Starred, click the message star.

4) Use per-written replies to save time:

Do you find yourself typing a same message regularly? Google provide a service of canned responses by which you can save your time it enable you to create standardized messages for some occasion. With this you not need to type the same message again and again, you can use per- existing email.



  • Log in your account in Gmail, go to the setting option, present on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the Labs tap.
  • Enable the canned responses lab option
  • Click on to the Save changes, at the bottom.

5) Mute unnecessary email notification:

If you getting irrelevant emails and you get disturbed by them, then simply mute the conversation to naturally achieve future replies keep your inbox clear and tidy.


  • In Gmail, choose the conversation you want to mute.
  • Open the conversation select the drop-down sign (more) that is places on the right of forward. Select ‘Mute’
  • When you mute the conversation it gets removed from the inbox and gets achieved.

6) By using keyboard shortcuts you can save much time:

If you want to save more and more time and works faster then you must be aware about the keyboard shortcuts and use them. To enable them just follow these simple instruction.


  • Open Gmail, click on setting option.
  • Go to keyboard shortcut section in the drop down menu and select keyboard shortcut on, that lead to activate the keyboard shortcut.
  • At last click on, save changes from the bottom.

7) Deleting large attachment to keep Gmail space :

Large attachment or messages eats up Gmail space, by following simple steps you can remove these large files and attachment from your Gmail account. Searching by size is too simple you just have to type the size and then the minimum number of you want each message to be. For example: For the messages greater than 10 MB you have to type Larger:10M in the search bar and hit enter the mails which are larger then 10 MB appears on the screen and you can delete by selecting them. you can even experiment with different sizes.

If you want to delete old mails with attachments that are more than 5 MB in size, then type the following into search space has:attachment larger:1M older_than:1y then press enter  the list of emails appear in the screen select items and delete mails.

To clean out the emails with long time ago. you can use Before:YYYY/MM/DD to specify a cutoff date, or older_than:years if you want to search for mails that are one, two or more years old. For example, if you want mails that are older than one year then you can type older_than:1y then hit enter. The mails get appear on your screen select them according to your choice and delete them.

if you are afraid to forget the command then be happy Google has provided an another option for this click the downward arrow appear on the right side of search bar now you will see the advance search, apply these filter on the simple menu or fill the information you will find the mails according to the information you provide select them and delete them.

Shortcuts to Delete large files from Gmail Inbox Categories Shortcut
1 Search for E-mails with greater than size
  • Type larger:5M in search box, for searching files which are larger than 5 MB.
  • The list of emails with size greater than 5MB will appear on the screen
  • Choose email, which you want to delete.

Note: You can change the size of file according to your requirement

2 Search for E-Mails less than size
  • Type smaller:2M in search box, to find the emails with less than 2MB
  • The list of emails with size less than 2MB will appear on the screen
  • Choose email, which you want to delete.

Note: You can change the size of file according to your requirement.

3 Search for mails with Attachment
  • Type has:attachment smaller:2M in search box for finding out the emails having attachment of less than 2MB
  • Type has:attachment larger:5M for finding out the emails having attachment of greater than 5MB

Note: You can change the size of attachment according to your requirement.

4 Search for mails with attachment along with years.
  • In search box type has:attachment larger:5M after:2015/11/1 before:2016/11/2  to find out the emails with attachment greater than 5MB which lies after 1 Nov 2015 and before 2 Nov 2016.

Note: You can change the size of attachment or YYYY/MM/DD  according to your choice

5 Search for mails include Particular word
  • Type that particular word in the search box, for example if you are looking for the word “Mesh-Creation”, then type Mesh-Creation on search box. The list of mails including Mesh-Creation get appears on the screen.
  • Choose those mails you want to delete.

By following these points you can easily optimize your G-mail inbox.