Most common Facebook mistake

Facebook is constantly changing therefore many businesses are feeling defeated as they find it difficult and challenging to reach their fans properly. If you also feel the same then doesn’t worry. You are not apart. Today we look top 5 facebook page mistake and these are as follows.
1) Avoiding comments: Customers and visitors are posting in large number to the facebook business pages when they want to communicate or take information with a brand. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a complain, any negative comment, a query, or a positive comment you need to make sure that you are responding to them within a less period of time. Keep in mind; don’t argue with your fans or delete negative comments try to overcome the problem they have politely. There is some spam comment you can delete those comments.

2) Excess of Promotional posts and ads: Companies are over promoting themselves by posting excess of post especially e-commerce companies pushing out their products. From 2015 the facebook innovation took place, to reduce the amount your promotional post shown. Therefore, now you have to mix up your content if your facebook strategy is purely based on promotional posts.
3) Posting seldom or frequently : Posting frequently can really make your audience frustrate and they may unlike your page. Again, if you’re not posting enough, then your customers will just forget about your existence in online world. Therefore keeping in mind the recommended amount of times of posting is about once in a day.
4) Not creating distinction : Do you define it clearly that what sets your business apart from the competitors? If not, why not? Me Too Marketing is a marketing tactics used by a large number of people, which is where they mimic or imitate their competitor’s post. Although this might work in the short term, you really need to be thinking about long term on how to set yourself apart from your competitors.
5) Using only the Boost button for paid advertising : Facebook really encourage you to use the Boost button at every opportunity and also it can be very addictive to use. Along with some limitation it also have an ability to strengthen or magnify your content that has done well. To promote your content much strongly you always take ads manager and power editor tool into consideration which provide you the option of that granular targeting, placement and bidding etc. therefore before you hit that Boost button think deeply about your facebook strategy in terms of paid posts.
So these are some mistakes done of business facebook pages, sometimes they causes a loss of opportunity. Therefore these must be kept in mind.

Landing page for website

Landing Page For Website

Landing page is a web page in which a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. It is one distinct page that is created for some specific purpose. It is different from your main website. This mean that a landing page should have no global protocols to tie it with your website it is just for the convince of your customer. The best landing pages has no navigation at all

The single objective of landing page is to get your visitors contact address. Through landing pages you people are able to collect the contact addresses like email and phone numbers of the person who are interested in your business. It’s a best way to get your target audience.

Generally, there are two types of landing pages one is Click through landing page and other one is lead generation landing page also referred as lead capture landing page.

Click through Landing Pages

The goal behind Click through landing pages are to provide customer a convince to click through to another page. Generally used in e-commerce channels, such options are best to describe a product or offer with enough detail and information and took visitor to the point where they reach for making purchase decision easily. Many times often, through inbound advertising traffic is directed at shopping cart or registration pages. To make an informed decision these ads doesn’t provide sufficient information.

To cope with this click through page comes in. As a result, the visitor reach to the page where they register themselves.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Such pages are used to collect the data of visitor the data may include name, email address and contact number. The major objective of lead generation landing page is to collect information that helps in marketing and connect with the target audience at consecutive time period. Along with this the lead generation landing page contain a form with a brief description informing what you’ll get in return of submitting your personal data i.e. name, contact details, or other information.

The format of your form directly impact on communication. Always try to ask for minimum relevant information that helps you to understand and market your prospect customer effectively.

Digital Marketing

Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

Establishing an effective and successful digital marketing strategy is not an easy task. Once you got your website completed perfectly, how do you work to increase traffic to your site, improve the number of your visitors, convert these visitor into your customers, enhance the ratio of sales and increase the share of your company in market?

By establishing an productive digital strategy the number of ways get open to attain this. Digital marketing is just similar as online marketing we consider online marketing as a part of Digital marketing, the major benefit of online or digital marketing is that it allows you to analyze your marketing campaigns is they working properly what are the improvement require to the parts which are not giving efficient result, you can even measure the return the investment at the real time.

As because the web is so influential and dynamic, the web optimization takes very short period of time

Targeting the potential customer is another significant benefit of Digital marketing as you can target the demographic group among entire population because you know the nature of your product and audience who will be interested in your product. Through digital marketing you can easily determine your rival and techniques they use different mistakes they have done previously how to overcome with that and overall research over the market need.

Social media provide you the platform to promote your brand without directly selling. You can reduce your marketing expenses and attain a stronger ROI. While starting a business it is very crucial to set up the budget in most effective manner. If you want a better result in limited investment then Digital marketing is a good field to start. Digital marketing allows you an online presence 24*7. Through this any of your customer can find you any time any where when he/she want. To grow your business through Digital marketing is less expensive and result-oriented way.

Initially, the most significant factor to be determine is to identify your audience and finding out the digital Medias or platform they are using. After getting the information about their platform reach to your audience and make a easy way so that they found you. Through any digital platform you can reach to your audience/clients at every buying cycle.

  • Social Media – There are number of social media. But you have choose those platforms that helps you to attain business goals and values. Some of these are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+
  • Mobile device – In today’s era Mobile is most important tool. Its adoption is growing instantly with time. Therefore by ignoring mobile platform you are loosing a large opportunity.
  • Online presence – Through providing the targeted advertisement you can possibly reach to your current and potential customers. You can take help of online campaigns to provide special offers , enhance your brand
  • SMO/SEO/SMM – Make it as easy and catchy so that the audience looking for your services or products attracted towards your business.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing : Trend of Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the promoting the brand or product through internet, mobile phones, display advertising and many other digital media following different paid and in-paid methods. It is differ from traditional marketing through digital marketing we get instant result of our work, we can analyze different marketing campaigns and evaluate their performance at the real time. Digital marketing helps to engage and influence customer through different media advertising.

Digital marketing works on pull and push tactics of online media. In pull tactics the customers seek the marketing actively by themselves and in Push tactics the marketer send messages to attract customer without any consent of receiver.

Digital marketing can also be named as internet marketing, online marketing. It is a broad term includes different aspects of marketing. Digital marketing works effectively on target audience of business we follow inbound and outbound marketing in digital marketing.

Several Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  1. With best digital marketing, any type of business competes with any other business competitor without concerning the size of the business.
  2. Advertising through strong content is much preferred then advertising in newspaper, magazines. Maintaining online presence is very crucial in this web world. It is comfortable and convenient for both customer and marketer.
  3. Digital marketing helps to reduce cost by using online marketing strategy there various unpaid form of digital marketing one can follow them by himself by following this you can potentially diminish the cost of advertising occurring in different media like newspaper, magazines, radio, yellow pages etc.
  4. Digital marketing helps to get real time result as it helps to get quick response marketer not have to wait for any letter or fax. Even it is beneficial for customers too as the can clear their query regarding any product or service in real time.
  5. It helps to develop the brand image as the quality content, optimized social media helps to influence targeted customer or audience and indirectly helps to generate and lead growth of business.
  6. Digital marketing helps to enhance the reach to the mobile customer as it focus on the online presence of not only computers but also connect to mobile customer. Most of the people search for any website product or services in mobile phones therefore it is very important to reach toward the mobile customers.


Digital marketing is an affordable way to reach more and more targeted audience timely and it provide effective result in real time.