tools to create post for social media

Tools to create image

Posting images in social media is necessary. We know it is difficult to create fresh images for each social post we create but there are various tools to create the image. Here, in this blog we are providing the listing of various tools by using these tools you can easily create the images for social media, for website , for blogs etc.

  1. Canva:  Along with image creation canva also provides you the Info graphics, Logos, Quotes, Collage, Cover Photos, Profiles and Resizing. Canva include various templates that make it more easier to use and design images, logos,book cover etc. Visit canva :
  2. BeFunky : It is the image editing tool that does not require the user to register.We can built Collage and there are various other tools to create images. Visit BeFunky :
  3. It is a free photo editing software it gives you tons of tools and functions to work and it provide the photoshop quality and avaliable in 21 language.Visit
  4. Stencil: Stencil is prefect image editor If you’re looking to update just a few images a month without making a major investment. But  the free version of stencil provide limited features to edit image.
  5. PicMonkey: It is the other fantastic tool to create images along with image creation it also provide a guide to create your own free images. It have wide range of frames, fonts, special effects, crop and resize your image. PicMonkey provide both paid and unpaid option, paid one include more features and functions. Through this we can create banners, buttons for your social media account.                                                                              Visit Picmonkey:
  6. Venngage: We can create free as well as paid account in Venngage. It is much easy to create pictures there are various themes we just have to select the theme edit the pictures and content of the theme have to insert some graphics and can share. Visit Venngage:
  7. Piktochart: It is the best option to create info-graphic for beginner as well as for experts. Large organizations are using this application widely. Visit Piktochart:

So these are some of the tools to create image for social media, coverpages logos and infographics etc.

Tools for Social Media Scheduling

Tools for Social media Scheduling

Do’s and Don’ts while selecting keywords

Keywords are the major part of SEO. When any potential customer search out something in Google or any other searching tool every businessman want that their website to came in top ranking or in top result. Here, we describe how to select the best resulting keywords to improve and enhance your SEO and upgrade the ranking of your website.

Use the do’s and don’ts below to choose the best keywords for your site:
1) Do check out the competition or contest : check out your top 3 rivals and visit their website. Check their content, blogs posts and images. Find out the topics they are focusing and the keywords they are using the more.
2) Do research of Keywords: researching your keywords are very important for optimizing your website, using of wrong keywords means losing your potential customer.
a) Make a list of topics or phase related to your Business.
b) Try to build specific keywords from these topics that must be relevant.
3) Don’t use common keywords:
a) For making keywords the phases are more preferred than words:
b) Check out the related searched items: for making keywords first search out the main word then scroll down to the page and check out the related post and keep them on your keywords list.

4) Don’t avoid the local favorable circumstances.
a) Make keywords by using a specific region: Don’t forget to add your business area or city or physical address in your keywords, it helps google to know the place of your business and also to your potential customer to find your business.

5) Don’t depend on your insight:
Analyze the keywords- There are various tools that are used to precise the list of your keywords. It helps to capture the customers quickly. As there is also a tool to check the popularity of the keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Integrate your business with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now becoming the most important and easy tool of marketing. Social marketing is a platform of promoting the goods and services of the company. We know that more than half of population is connected with internet therefore it is easy to market product and services through social media. Even the companies analyze their success, growth and progress report. Companies can easily contact to their potential customer, clients, potential dealer, stakeholder and other general public through social media. Even it can provide different information related to its products and services to their customer and others.

Let’s discuss the benefits of social media marketing:

  • As we know, our business gets success if we are familiar with our customer. And social media plays very significant role to know our customer and their need and through social media we can provide information to our customer regarding their needs.
  • In previous time, it is a great challenge for a business to reach their customer in a limited time period this challenge become a great barrier for the progress of the business. But with the help of social media, businessman is easily reaching to their customer with their ideas, content and offer in limited or very short period of time at very less effort.
  • Social media leads to enhance the growth of company/business: Regular interaction in social media leads to increase followers of your brand and this will help you to gain new customer. And generate good impression in them. And if you are putting a valuable information or content in social media, people like to share it and it also generate new readers .
  • Social media marketing enhance the SEO ranking, as writing blog is not enough the presence in social media helps a large in improving the ranking of company, when you put content related to your companies keyword, social media sends the brand signal to the search engine this will helps to improve ranking of SEO of the company.
  • Social media marketing helps to cut the cost of marketing through newspaper, pamphlets, posters etc. Sharing of content in twitter, facebook, and other social media is fully free of cost and it will also reach to the potential buyer. Even minimize the efforts too.

Therefore, we can say that social media marketing is essence for the growth of business.