Travel the world and stay free anywhere. Isn’t it sounding great? Before planning any tour whether it is a business tour or a family or friends trip you check for indwelling arrangement or residence.
Most of our tour or traveling plans got cancel if we don’t have any relative, any friend or any other known source in next place where we are planning to visit.
Therefore, today we will tell you about a model through which you can stay free anywhere in India or outside India. Also, you can make some good friends.
Couch surfing is a model that let you stay free anywhere in the world. Couch surfing allows getting the opportunity to live valuable and beautiful experience. It is the gateway through which a guest and host contact each other. Couch surfers (hosts) open their homes and share their lives. It allows you to Connect with hosts and confirms your stay. Your stay with hosts is free. As there is no monetary exchange takes place in Couch surfing. Even, a host does not expect any future rewards from guests.
Couchsurfing is very easy to use. You don’t have to pay any fee or registration fee to join couch surfing. All you need to do is join Couchsurfing through email or Facebook account.
You can access the site through
Members of Couchsurfing have the option of leaving comments on their experiences with other members on such members’ profiles. Those comments cannot be modified or deleted afterward, but they will disappear if the corresponding account is deleted.Members are approved to review references left for someone before hosting or staying with them. Members are also encouraged to review negative references. You can also go through the reference or experience provided by other couch surfers.
For more details, you can visit the site