Do’s and Don’ts while selecting keywords

Keywords are the major part of SEO. When any potential customer search out something in Google or any other searching tool every businessman want that their website to came in top ranking or in top result. Here, we describe how to select the best resulting keywords to improve and enhance your SEO and upgrade the ranking of your website.

Use the do’s and don’ts below to choose the best keywords for your site:
1) Do check out the competition or contest : check out your top 3 rivals and visit their website. Check their content, blogs posts and images. Find out the topics they are focusing and the keywords they are using the more.
2) Do research of Keywords: researching your keywords are very important for optimizing your website, using of wrong keywords means losing your potential customer.
a) Make a list of topics or phase related to your Business.
b) Try to build specific keywords from these topics that must be relevant.
3) Don’t use common keywords:
a) For making keywords the phases are more preferred than words:
b) Check out the related searched items: for making keywords first search out the main word then scroll down to the page and check out the related post and keep them on your keywords list.

4) Don’t avoid the local favorable circumstances.
a) Make keywords by using a specific region: Don’t forget to add your business area or city or physical address in your keywords, it helps google to know the place of your business and also to your potential customer to find your business.

5) Don’t depend on your insight:
Analyze the keywords- There are various tools that are used to precise the list of your keywords. It helps to capture the customers quickly. As there is also a tool to check the popularity of the keywords.