Install WordPress with C-Panel

WordPress is well-known CMS and a popular blogging platform. Most of people thought that its very complicated to install wordpress and to work in WordPress. Lets know how to Install WordPress with C-Panel.

Installing WordPress in C-panel is rather easy task. The installation is as easy as its features and it can be installed in just few clicks.

Before you install wordpress in Cpanel , firstly you require a Domain name and good hosting company that knows wordpress.  A little survey will help you to find the best company that provide domain and hosting .

First of all log in the  C-Panel account, as you get the access of cpanel after you purchase the domain and hosting. C-panel include various sections that provide us the facility of using different tools and feature.It include email section , files section ,  software section , health check and monitoring, Database section etc.

We have to choose the software section there are different tools included under software section like PHP, PHP pear package, site software , optimize website , wordpress theme,  app installer,  select PHP version, we have to choose  or click on app installer .And now you find the various CMS tools here. you can install them manually as well but with the help of advance C-Panel you can install wordpress in few minutes. Click on wordpress icon and then  in install option over it then fill the details like your protocol, Domain, Directory, name of site , Description of your site , details of admin account, after filling all the details you have to click on Install button. and now the WordPress got installed with a default theme you can easily edit WordPress theme in backend by using  /wp-admin with your website name like . You can also change the theme of wordpress there are some free and paid themes. Its very easy to edit the wordpress theme.

So, by following this method you can install WordPress very easily and in just few minutes. You can also visit :