Landing page for website

Landing Page For Website

Landing page is a web page in which a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. It is one distinct page that is created for some specific purpose. It is different from your main website. This mean that a landing page should have no global protocols to tie it with your website it is just for the convince of your customer. The best landing pages has no navigation at all

The single objective of landing page is to get your visitors contact address. Through landing pages you people are able to collect the contact addresses like email and phone numbers of the person who are interested in your business. It’s a best way to get your target audience.

Generally, there are two types of landing pages one is Click through landing page and other one is lead generation landing page also referred as lead capture landing page.

Click through Landing Pages

The goal behind Click through landing pages are to provide customer a convince to click through to another page. Generally used in e-commerce channels, such options are best to describe a product or offer with enough detail and information and took visitor to the point where they reach for making purchase decision easily. Many times often, through inbound advertising traffic is directed at shopping cart or registration pages. To make an informed decision these ads doesn’t provide sufficient information.

To cope with this click through page comes in. As a result, the visitor reach to the page where they register themselves.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Such pages are used to collect the data of visitor the data may include name, email address and contact number. The major objective of lead generation landing page is to collect information that helps in marketing and connect with the target audience at consecutive time period. Along with this the lead generation landing page contain a form with a brief description informing what you’ll get in return of submitting your personal data i.e. name, contact details, or other information.

The format of your form directly impact on communication. Always try to ask for minimum relevant information that helps you to understand and market your prospect customer effectively.