Most common Facebook mistake

Facebook is constantly changing therefore many businesses are feeling defeated as they find it difficult and challenging to reach their fans properly. If you also feel the same then doesn’t worry. You are not apart. Today we look top 5 facebook page mistake and these are as follows.
1) Avoiding comments: Customers and visitors are posting in large number to the facebook business pages when they want to communicate or take information with a brand. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a complain, any negative comment, a query, or a positive comment you need to make sure that you are responding to them within a less period of time. Keep in mind; don’t argue with your fans or delete negative comments try to overcome the problem they have politely. There is some spam comment you can delete those comments.

2) Excess of Promotional posts and ads: Companies are over promoting themselves by posting excess of post especially e-commerce companies pushing out their products. From 2015 the facebook innovation took place, to reduce the amount your promotional post shown. Therefore, now you have to mix up your content if your facebook strategy is purely based on promotional posts.
3) Posting seldom or frequently : Posting frequently can really make your audience frustrate and they may unlike your page. Again, if you’re not posting enough, then your customers will just forget about your existence in online world. Therefore keeping in mind the recommended amount of times of posting is about once in a day.
4) Not creating distinction : Do you define it clearly that what sets your business apart from the competitors? If not, why not? Me Too Marketing is a marketing tactics used by a large number of people, which is where they mimic or imitate their competitor’s post. Although this might work in the short term, you really need to be thinking about long term on how to set yourself apart from your competitors.
5) Using only the Boost button for paid advertising : Facebook really encourage you to use the Boost button at every opportunity and also it can be very addictive to use. Along with some limitation it also have an ability to strengthen or magnify your content that has done well. To promote your content much strongly you always take ads manager and power editor tool into consideration which provide you the option of that granular targeting, placement and bidding etc. therefore before you hit that Boost button think deeply about your facebook strategy in terms of paid posts.
So these are some mistakes done of business facebook pages, sometimes they causes a loss of opportunity. Therefore these must be kept in mind.