power of color in website designing

Power of color in website designing

The combination of different colors touches the emotions of the visitor or the reader of your website therefore the Power of Color in Website Designing is very significant. It is the type of non verbal communication where the ideas can be convey through colors and the physical and emotional process of the visitor takes place. The color with right tone can carries the right message for the visitor. Colors plays very important role in website designing and generate traffic.

While selecting color for website you must take professional advice as every color have its own meaning in website and also have some symbolic meaning. Every color has different meaning in different nations, while designing a website you must have knowledge of this all.

For example: Just take primary color, there are 3 primary color named as Red, Yellow and Blue. These are primary color because you cannot get them by combining any of the other color. But by combining or mixing 2 primary color you get some other color and that color is said to be secondary color.


Here are some examples showing different meaning of every color in different country:

Red Yellow Blue
China Good luck, celebration, summoning royalty, nourishing Immorality
India Purity, color for a bride Merchants


Color of lord Krishna, religious
South Africa mourning color usually reserved for those of high rank
Western Joy, love, passion, stop Hope, joy, warning of hazards Sadness, depression,


Japan Life courage Everyday life


For any graphic designer it is very important to familiar with the color wheel. After that for designing a website or logo you must know your client business the nature of business and about the product. For example, if your client has restaurant business you may use red and yellow color and avoid using blue and purple color, for hotel business blue green are considered as calm color.

Colors are the most important of life, some color have ability to attract us and some color make us depressed a perfect tone of color makes the website attractive and helps to increase traffic onto the website.