SEO plans and goals

SEO short term and long term plans

Setting SEO goals is very important to get succeed in your campaigns. Considering short term as well as long term goals in strategy is very necessary. It is very important to set a final line to identify the winner. Like every aspect of business it is very important to

It is not enough to have only one goal like saying we want to increase the revenue of the company. Making goals which can be achieved in time and valuable for business is very important to run a business for long term.

You can take help of experienced SEO or web marketing professional to establish short term and long term goals for you SEO, Blogs, Social media and other online outreach.

Need to Set Goals

Setting up of Goals helps you to know the purpose of everything you do and to get your position and measure your result. The goals we set up must be effective now to question arise in our mind is about the feature which makes the goals effective these are:

  • Realistic: The goal must be realistic which leads to enhance the web traffic alongwith client conversion rates.
  • Specific: The goal must be specific and quantifiable like the goal is to increase web traffic and clients conversion rates by 20 percent
  • Goals must be deadline driven : There must be a specific period of time to achieve the goal for ex. Increase traffic and clients conversion rate by 20 % by the end of the month.
  • Relevant and valuable for business: the goal must be relevant for business plan for example to increase traffic and clients conversion rate by 20 % by the end of the month in order to generate more revenue.

Some examples of long-term goals for an online marketing campaign may include:

  • increase web traffic to your business site by 35 percent within six months;
  • reach the 1,000 follower mark on Twitter insta and other social tool;
  • increase client conversion by 20 percent by the end of the fiscal year;
  • add 500 new names to the email subscriber list for your company’s e-newsletter;

You can set short term goals keeping in mind the long term goals and objectives. Short term goal can be “enhance search engine ranking for particular keywords within two months “

  • research target audience
  • research and create a link building strategy; 
  • assign someone to manage social media feeds and establish a schedule for updates;