Travel the world with Free stay and food

Everyone wants to travel the world travelling to the different destination helps us to make our mind stress free and also help to a breakdown of everyday boredom. Every journey confronts us with something new facts and every destination provide a delightful travel experience.

Traveling to different places is not a ‘Cup Of Tea’ for everyone. But now there are a few sites that allow us to travel the world in our limited budget. All you have to do is to register yourself on that hospitality site. Most of the people want to earn more just because they want to travel the world. In the previous time, we can only visit Nepal and Bhutan in our little budget but now we can even visit countries like Europe and America in our limited budget where we not only get free food, free stay but also you can earn money there while travelling. Isn’t it sounds great? is the international hospitality service site also the largest volunteer committee in which volunteers travellers exchange there culture, tradition and work. The committee allows the traveller to learn and share his / her experience. On this website, more than 30k hosts from 170 countries are available hosts allow staying free on their property all you have to do is to work for them or corporate them in their work for 5 hrs a day and 5 days a week. The work based on your skill and your interest. Some of the hosts also offer a minimum allowance on the basis of the wages of their country. You can choose the host of your choice. And the thing which is to be kept in mind is that you are not booking the lodge or hotel room from workaway, therefore, you have to fulfil your responsibility same as you acting in your home. So visit the world with workaway.

So create your account on and start your journey.