Interactive Website

Tweaks to make your website interactive

Do you think people will remain on  your  site if the design and structure of your website is same as your competitor. Of course no,your visitors or the new visitors will stop coming to your site, and the result is you have lesser traffic, leading to poor performance website as well as performance.

No need to worry, we can fix it by following some tweaks.

Keep what is Required: The content of website must include the essential text, images and other content which is required to introduce the company profile and the information of the products.

Rid these Unnecessary elements: Some of unnecessary information may lead to slow loading time as well as the it also create confusion and lack of interest among the visitors. Therefore, the website only have to contain the necessary information and elements.

Offer live chat for 24*7: By offering live chat you can satisfy your visitor as while checking out the site there are various question arise in the mind of the visitor. Live chat offer them the option to clear that confusion as well as we can also get the feedback of our visitors by providing the live chat option.

Use Sidebar: Sidebar are not necessary for all websites but it helps to brings bit more traffic to the website than usual traffic, we can include some lead generation tools , post and our well-known services in our sidebar some lead generation tools and your most popular posts or services.

Optimize your website page: The home page of your website is the first page your visitor see therefore it must be fully optimize. The text must be readable and the image must be informative and of best quality. The home page provide the information about your business to your visitors.

Add Video Content: Most of the audience looking for visual content . Providing videos in the site is an amazing option to get traffic onto your website. The videos can be promotional or testimonial, it will definitely bring more traffic on your website.

Load Time Must be Swift: To make the website interactive the loading time of the site must be very fast. The sites with excess loading generally ignored by the visitor. For consistence visitor and for fast loading the website must be optimized in terms of text, images and various other content.