Data entry work is most easiest work you can do while being in home. there are different types of data entry work.  You require to have a computer an internet connection, good typing speed, etc. Your earning depends on the work you do and the data you complete. You can work on it by home so there will be no restriction and pressure of work and the work of data entry can be done by anyone including students, house wife, employed person and unemployed person .

There are different companies that provide project for data entry also you can get the project through different trusted sites likes freelancer, up-work , etc. Even if you don’t have computer or laptop then also you can earn because there are some sites that provide the work or project you can complete through android mobile set. There are regular data entry work like plain data entry, typing , cleaning of data, Online data entry like online form filling, Online survey, Formatting jobs like RE-formation and correction of data , formatting and editing data converting data like images to text, text to images, word to PDF , PDF to word and various other. In some customized data entry jobs the one who hire also provide the training to do the work.