Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “Search Engine optimization”.

SEO is an online process of increasing traffic to the website , enhance visibility of website and webpages in search engine result page (SERP)for particular Keyword. SERP include Yahoo, Google, Bing etc.

Keywords : Keywords are the particular words or phrases that describe the content of the any  webpage or we can say that the words given by user in search engine  to search anything, these words are called keywords.

The SEO is unpaid, natural  and organic process.

Techniques of SEO:

SEO can be done through 2 techniques

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off- page SEO


On page SEO is also considered as on site SEO. It is the practice of optimizing the web page in order to rank higher  in the search engine result page (SERP) and increase traffic. On page SEO include the content ,keywords,  headings (body tags), html coding of the webpage that can be optimize.  On Page SEO works under the guidelines of Google. There are different factors of On-page SEO, some of them are given below:

Factors of ON-PAGE SEO:

  1. Page Title: Page title of your website is most important factor of SEO. Page title of web page must be unique, easy to understood  and must include specific keywords of that page.
  2. Meta Description : Most of the time people ignore or forget to put meta description of the web-page, Meta description is the best place for your all relevant and specific keywords and for the content of  meta description the specific keywords must be  included in sentence.
  3. Meta Tag: Meta tag is also an important factor of On page SEO. Meta tag provide a place to include specific keywords or a set of keywords which are relevant to the content of your web-page.
  4. URL Structure: Url structure also plays an important role as factor of On -Page SEO. search engine friendly URL helps to get better result in GOOGlE crawling , and such URL are highly recommended by web developers. the URL must be short and simple. shorter will be the URL better will be better. URL that include keywords are also present a better result.  The location of keywords in URL also influence the result of SEO.
  5. Keyword Density: Keyword density in the content of webpage is also one of the important factor of SEO. According to the guidelines of Google, content must be of minimum 300 words and contain  2-3 % of keywords repetition. But using the keyword excessively and repetition of keywords can leads to site ban.
  6. Body Tags: Body tags refers to the heading. There are different forms of heading like H1, H2, H3 etc tags. Mostly, H1 tag (heading) is given for page title once the H1 heading will be given the page will be followed by H2, H3 and so on.
  7. Image SEO: Usage of image with the content in a webpage  helps you to increase the visibility of the site, and image optimization also plays an important role in the SEO of website. Same as page title we also give the title to the image and along with title there is option of providing description as well as alt tag to the image that makes the SEO more powerful.s
  8. Internal Linking :  Mostly the people thought that the links those are on others website get counted by the Google and those links are only that matter but these are not the only links which matters along with these links internal links also plays significant role. The links which helps you to jump from one page to another in the same domain are called internal links.


Off page SEO  off site SEO. Off page SEO generally include the generation of Back link that helps to increase traffic to the website. there are different factors of off page seo, some of them are :

  1. Blogging : Blogging is one of the most important factor of off page seo. you can very easily create your blog page through word-press. A good blog topic and unique blog  content helps to build traffic onto you site and increase the visitors of website.
  2. Directory Submission: Same as phone directories website also have directory, by submitting the link of your website in such directories you can increase the traffic on your website as the people.
  3. Link Building: You can build link through blog commenting , photos and video sharing , directories and forum marketing. Links helps the visitor to jump from one web page to other in different domains
  4. Photo/ Video sharing: Photos and video sharing also leads to increase visitor and traffic on your site.As we know the attractive  and knowledgeable videos are share by most of the people therefore sharing good videos related to your website help to increase the visitor. you can even link the video with your site.
  5. Article Submission:  There are number of sites that provide you the facility of article submission but you have to follow some  rules like the article you submit must be unique and valuable. You can put the link of your website in the article,the visitor of the site(article submission site)  also visit your site if the content of your article is unique and valuable.
  6. Social network site: As we all are aware about social sites, social sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram. You can create a separate page in such sites and it helps to generate links and also you can update the post or any information time to time to show your existence. This will indirectly increase your visitor and generate traffic
  7. Blog Commenting: Today most of the peoples are engage in Blog writing they share their feeling through blog. and Blog commenting is one of the brilliant way to generate back-link for such purpose you have to search the blog related to your business and comment on such blogs and provide the link in the end or middle of your comment the people how visit the blog have high chances of visiting your site to, this will help you to create back link along with visitor.


  • SEO helps to Increase Traffic of the Website
  • SEO leads to improve the Rate on Investment
  • SEO helps to increase Brand Awareness and Credibility
  • SEO provide 24/7 marketing service
  • SEO helps to Increase site usability.
  • SEO provide Permanent result and Long term impact
  • SEO makes you stand out over 25 millions websites in internet.  
  • SEO will definitely  Take your business to the next level
  • SEO is very cost effective method of promotion

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