Optimize internet speed

Window 10 is one of the widely use operating system in the world. But it will result in slower internet as they also consume a considerable amount of system resources and network bandwidth.

There are countless reason for slow internet speed, some of them are as follows:

Background uploading and downloading: The uploading and downloading from the background, may break down your internet speed, therefore, you must have to check the computer library.
The health of your system: The health of your system also affect your internet speed. Health of your system means that your system is not affected with any virus, malware or any spyware. The speed of internet is also affected by hard disk space,  memory of your computer, ad-on programs etc.
Broadband Internet plan: There are various broadband internet plan the speed of your internet is also depends upon the internet plan.

You can fix your internet speed by following some of the simple steps :

  1. Quit Background Application: Some of the application runs even in the Background of our computer while we are working like games, news alerts etc., and consumes a large amount of internet. But you can Quit them by following some simple steps. First of all you have  to go on to setting option of your computer and go on privacy and here, select background application. From the top you can choose whether you let the application run on the background or not, by selecting on/off. Or you can choose the application of your own choice from the list.
    Steps: Setting >Privacy>Background Application> choose the application you want to Quit.
  2. Disable your Window Updates: Window Updates will affect your internet speed, you can diable them or set them manually so that you will get notification for updates. Also, you can enable it whenever required. So, here are the steps to follow : Go to Start and open control panel.  Head over to system and security and go on administrative tool and get to your services. In service window choose window updates and disable or set it manually , this will definetly helps you to enhance your internet speed.
    Steps: Start > Control Panel> System and Security> Administrative tool>Services> Window Updates.
  3. Use of Trusted Websites and Software: Use of best trusted websites and Software makes your system healthy, and use of scam and fake websites and software bring virus, malware and Spyware on your system. Such malware not only slow down your internet speed but also hang your computer. Therefore, make sure you use the best trusted sites and applications.
  4. Disable Peer-to-Peer Updates: Windows sends your internet bandwidth with complete  strangers you dont even have met ever. cally seeding is kinda like a way to help others get their Windows updates much faster but it comes at a price of your own internet. Basically seeding is kinda like a way to help others get their Windows updates much faster but it comes at a price of your own internet. But you can disable them by following some simple steps : Go on the setting option of your computer, Select Update and Security, click on Advanced Option, go on Delivery Optimiztion or their may be the option of choose how updates are delivered  on your  syste, turn off the On button, Choose pc on my local network,and PC on internet .
    Steps: Setting>Update and Security> Advanced option >Delivery Optimization>
    There are various other tweaks to optimize your internet speed in window 10.There are various websites to check out your internet speed,  one of them is www.fast.com, this website show your internet speed once you open the website. There is no need to register your account or sign in.
free online courses

Websites that offer Online courses

In this busy world, every one is preferring online work whether it be shoppping , depoisting the bills, banking , railway or air ticket reservation etc . From adults to childrens, everyone is getting digitalize. Students are looking for online studies. T There are various websites that provide online courses and study material to the students not only the study material but also these website provide a certificate of completing the course from various top most universities through these websites it is very easy to complete various professional courses from home by just using a laptop or a mobile etc. For certificate we have to pay some amount of money but the course and study material provided by website is fully free of cost all we have to do is register ourselves and enroll for the course according to our choice. Some of the website that provide free online courses are as follows :

Edx : Edx was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, it offers quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. Access 1600 free online courses from 100+ leading institutions including Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, and more.

Open2study: Open2Study provides free, specialised short courses, entirely online, across the world, in a range of subject areas.  At very first you have to create an account on open2study

Udemy : Udemy offer more than 55,000 courses including different topics. It provide valueable data and resources for studing also you can download the udemy application from playstore for quick lessons when you are travelling or on go. Udemy do not provide free courses you have to pay a small amount of money for your enrollment.

Coursera : Couesera is another online website that offer different courses from over 140 of the country’s top universities and organizations. Coursera has partnered up with the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, the University of Michigan and some other topmost universities. Soon Coursera going to launch a mobile application. Presently, the website is offering more than 180 paid and unpaid courses. https://www.coursera.org

Udacity:  It is the profit education organization, originally focused on offering university-style courses, it now focuses more on vocational courses for professionals. It provide video lectures and issue certificates of completion of individual courses.

There are various other websites that provide online free courses and issue certificate at  nominal charges.

download ebooks online

Best website to download ebooks

Most of us have the hobby of the reading book, we like to read the book while traveling or in our spare time.But with a change in technology we are now entering in the online world, also with the evolution of eBooks, we are also saving some trees so today Through this post you will get to know about some of the websites that allow you to download eBooks free of cost.You can even download the audio books and books according to your choice.

So, here are some websites that allow you to download eBooks and audio books.

Project Gutenberg:
Project Gutenberg provides a massive library hosting there are over more than 50,000 free eBooks in different format including epub, HTML, Kindle and other simple text-format in a different language. You can even share these books on Dropbox, google docs etc. Here you find different old literature.No fee or registration is required.

Daily lit:
Daily lit allows reading literary and great new fiction in short installment that you can choose by yourself. Once you found the book of your choice you have to select the date or time when you want your installment to arrive in your inbox.
You also get some short stories and serials to read, also you can share the books with your friends.

Manybook.net is an ebook website was established in 2004 with the vision to provide an extensive library of books in digital format for free on the Internet. Manybook.net have collection of upto 30,000 books It also provide books in discounts and free ebook to download.

Google Books is a service from Google Inc. that searches the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned, converted to text using optical character recognition, and stored in its digital database. There are tons of genres and formats (ePUB, PDF, etc.) to choose from accompanied with reader reviews and ratings.

Open Library:
It is another open source platform that allows getting free ebooks. It is sort of a Wikipedia that will at least provide you with references related to the book you are looking for like, where you can get the book online or offline, even if it doesn’t store itself. Therefore, if you know a book that’s not listed you can simply add the information on the site.

These are some of the sites that allow you to download the free ebook.

Web Trends 2017

Web Design Trends 2017

The world of Web Designing is Changing continuously according to time so it is very important to keep your eyes on
the current web designs if you are a web designer or want to design your new website. There are some trends
which keeps changing with time, few trends get vanished away, some new ones comes and few flourish with time.
A website plays very significant role in a business and with catchy design you can take a long way in this path. So
keeping in mind the new trends early enough lead to edge over your rivals.

Different web design trends we can expect in 2017 :

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Google and Wikipedia successfully use artificial intelligence software and programs.The technology is now more than our reach and it allow to develop software which can think, act and work as human beings  without requiring the manpower.
  2. Authentic rather than stock images: Peoples generally like to see original images related to the business, industry, organization and company rather than stock or generic  images.
  3.  GIF and Animation: Mostly a website and apps use animations. But newly GIFs are prevailing. Now along with facebook and Twitter, GIFs can be used for web designs too.

  4. Fast and Easy Registration: Most of the time when you try to log into the site, they ask you to get registered by any of your social account like facebook, Google or gmail account.  Through  this long practice of filling larger forms get eliminated and this fast sign  up process is apperciated

  5.    Minimalistic Web Design: Minimalistic is a new level in 2017. Now rather than hit with a homepage users are now presented a card.

  6. More emphasis on landing page then on homepage:  To target the visitors and their need it is very important to derive the traffic on to the landing page. Landing page increase conversion these pages are designed as same as other pages on the site, but these pages target the visitor more as others.

Tips for a Fresh Website

Update Website Regularly:

Are you forget to update your website is yes. It’s time to rethink your plans and strategy. Search engine not only love frequently updated sites, but also the sites have fresh content. If visitor see the old content they get supposed that you are not longer in this business. This could make them to buy the product of the competitor instead of your product.

Take Your Website like a Garden:

Think your website as a Garden you are the gardener of that if you left it do not pay attention on it, weeds will grow and your plants get dry up and died and your garden got destroyed.

To get the best result and to generate output from the garden to need to trim, fertilize water, plant and remove pest and weed on regular bases. These things get followed to make garden pretty and productive.

Just like the garden, your website is the same way. It needs regular maintenance work and updates to keep it functioning properly, attracting visitors, and generating maximum revenue.

Make site that can be easily updated:

If you have a website and to update that site you require the developer of website then you are now look into switching to the CMS like WordPress.

CMS(Content Management System) help you to easily update your content without the help of any developer or paying your web developer.

Here are the tips to update your website if you have CMS of website.


Built your business blog, try to update them by adding new blog. To write a blog first analyze your target market and then monitor what are their needs and what they are searching for online. Writing blog is one of the best way to get traffic on your website. Interesting blog attracts more visitors onto your site.


Visit your site regularly and check if anything is there which got outdated read the content carefully assume yourself as the visitor and try to find out the trouble and question arise in your mind.


If you are not a well writer then you can update your site by using images and videos. But remember to make your site search engine friendly so that search engine can easily recognize your website.


You don’t need to go through a web-designer just check out other sites and check the design and which are generally in trend then you can compose them  by your own or can take the help of any web designer .


If you have blog well and good along with blog keep eyes on social media, FAQ’s, testimonial and case studies update them in a regular interval to show your existence.

These are some methods to keep your website fresh and updated. Fresh and updated website helps to build traffic.


Malware and how do you protect your website of it

Malware and how do you protect your website of it

Malware known as Malicious Software, which cause penetration to the computer or mobile device without owners authority and  which harm your computer anyway in form of viruses Trojan horses, Spy ware, Worms, Scam ware, Ad ware, Ransom ware, Shareware, browser hijackers, Roots kits etc.


Malware passes through spam, infected websites and emails etc and collect personal information steal financial details and other personal identity. The information then gathered can hijacked by any other computer and the computer functioning can be controlled through other computer.

Some of Malware are very risky then others they may cause your computer slow down and not responding along with this they may damage your files and folders.


Generally if your site has been infected by any type of Malware then you will get the message of “reported attack site”.

If you are receiving this message then sign up to your Google Webmaster Tools account, choose your website and view the account.


The Dashboard appears on your screen, at the bottom of drop down menu click on the Lab button and then clicks on the link called “Malware Details” now you are able to check any Malware on your website exposed by Google, if there is no malware in your website then you will get a message that “Google has not detected any malware on this site, if you will not receive the message then you will need to identify and clean the site.


For cleaning your sites don’t forget that malware could take the form of any invisible frame and Obfuscated Code.


Now the question arise in your mind that how to identify them:

Iframe (Invisible Frame):

Iframe is a malware virus that infects the web pages of your website.

To recognize your site for Iframe, look at the code of all pages including frame with specification width = “0” and height = “0” and then remove such pages. Look over all your web pages don’t leave any of them.


Obfuscated Code:

This code is a machine or source code that is difficult to understand by the human beings. Not all obfuscated code are significant but if you understand the coding of your site and see any code that is impossible to understand, this indicate the attack of malware in you website.


If you don’t understand the coding then refer your site to the person who wrote it (your Website Developer) or one who understand the code.


If you find any attack onto your site or if your site has been hacked and discovered Iframe and Obfuscated code then make the site offline and delete all vengeful codes on time.


After cleaning the site you can make request of reviewing again in Google through Web Master Tool.






Your website is running of a content management system . Many CMS platforms are easy target for hackers. To avoid such hacking don’t forget to update your system plugins and themes. Many CMS solution update files automatically try to choose them.





Most of malware are unnoticed because of their evasive nature. Website scanning software helps to scan the website and easily find out the malware and other harmful codes damaging your website and notify you about any threat. There are number of tools or software automatically removes the harmful codes and malware from the website.




Even now also peoples are using weak passwords, now the question arise that what is strong password. Strong password is one contain more than 8 character, no dictationary word, have to be mixture of uppercase and lowercase and include digits and special characters. Remember to change your password frequently.




Never disclose your admin pages. Use robots_txt file to prevent search engine from listing them.


For transferring users’ personal information between the website and your database use an encrypted SSL. This will help to prevent and secure the information or output being read in transit and access without proper authority.


wordpress: CMS tool

WordPress: Open Source Website/ Blog Development CMS

WordPress is one of the best open source blog/ website development CMS tools, it’s easy to understand and fast growing Content management system, based on PHP and MySQL. Currently, It is considered as an easiest and very powerful tool for blogging and Website CMS.

The developer of WordPress enhances its functioning to create complicated website and grew it into CMS tool rather than blogging tool. WordPress consist of the unbelievable number of plug-in which helps to extend its functioning in various possible ways.

Many people makes mistake by defining WordPress as just a blogging platform. But along with blogging this CMS tool can also be used in creating website and mobile application.

WordPress is quite easy to manage – therefore it is getting very popular among web developers. Even the WordPress can be used by the people who are neither the web developer nor the programmer. It has large number of themes so that you can give any look to your website according to your choice.

WordPress provides the security function to run your website. It can be used in different platform like blogging sites, e-commerce sites, video collection sites, Portfolio, CMS (Content Management System) etc.

Through WordPress any other user without having the knowledge of HTML or web development can update, edit modify or change the content of their website easily according to their choice.

Here, various importance and advantages of developing website in WordPress are given:

Improve online presence: Through WordPress development and customization one can make its online presence much attractive and beautiful. It helps to make your business effective.

Social Media friendly : Sharing your blogs, ideas and website in social media can help you to improve your visitor and audience. WordPress helps to connect or share your blogs and website in different social Medias like twitter, facebook, linked in etc.

Easy to manage: There is variety of themes and number of plug-in therefore it is very easy to deal with WordPress user can give any look to his website by choosing different theme.

Update content: WordPress helps to edit modify change or update the content very easily; even we can modify it without having the knowledge of website development.

Social Media Marketing

Integrate your business with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now becoming the most important and easy tool of marketing. Social marketing is a platform of promoting the goods and services of the company. We know that more than half of population is connected with internet therefore it is easy to market product and services through social media. Even the companies analyze their success, growth and progress report. Companies can easily contact to their potential customer, clients, potential dealer, stakeholder and other general public through social media. Even it can provide different information related to its products and services to their customer and others.

Let’s discuss the benefits of social media marketing:

  • As we know, our business gets success if we are familiar with our customer. And social media plays very significant role to know our customer and their need and through social media we can provide information to our customer regarding their needs.
  • In previous time, it is a great challenge for a business to reach their customer in a limited time period this challenge become a great barrier for the progress of the business. But with the help of social media, businessman is easily reaching to their customer with their ideas, content and offer in limited or very short period of time at very less effort.
  • Social media leads to enhance the growth of company/business: Regular interaction in social media leads to increase followers of your brand and this will help you to gain new customer. And generate good impression in them. And if you are putting a valuable information or content in social media, people like to share it and it also generate new readers .
  • Social media marketing enhance the SEO ranking, as writing blog is not enough the presence in social media helps a large in improving the ranking of company, when you put content related to your companies keyword, social media sends the brand signal to the search engine this will helps to improve ranking of SEO of the company.
  • Social media marketing helps to cut the cost of marketing through newspaper, pamphlets, posters etc. Sharing of content in twitter, facebook, and other social media is fully free of cost and it will also reach to the potential buyer. Even minimize the efforts too.

Therefore, we can say that social media marketing is essence for the growth of business.

Significance of website

What do you think are websites are important for our business or not? Is it promoting our business? Here are some points that make us clear that why website are very significant for our business.

  1. To enhance market share: In today’s era more than half of population is connected with internet. And people use to search the product and services online to increase their knowledge about the company and its goods and services. In this busy world even they try to purchase the product online. Therefore, if a company doesn’t have its website then it is losing a large part of customer.
  2.  Increase the goodwill of business: Whenever you are introducing your business to a highly reputed firm the manager ask for your website even if you are applying for a loan in bank, the bank manager ask for your website. If you have a website it definitely uplifts your business value.

  3.  Aware customer: Through website you can make your customer aware about your product, services, offers or policies.
  4.  Online promotion: Companies spend lot of money and efforts in promoting their business through newspaper, pamphlets, brochure etc but if you have website you can skip this expense by publishing information in your website and your potential customer will find it out.
  5.  Works 24X7: Website are always available all the time (24 hrs.) round the year for your customer even beyond the boundaries of your country.
  6.  To maintain relationship with customer/client: You can provide new offers, discount, and other relevant information to your customer with the help of blog or feed. And can clear their confusion by providing frequently asked question.
  7.  Works as marketing agent: Website plays a significant role as a marketer; it helps to attract other businesses and customer toward your business.
  8.  Provide email address: having a website may provide a professional email address. That looks attractive and easy to learn eg. mail@meshCreation.com .
  9.  Enhance credibility: Is this is difficult for you to convince your customer so the website helps you as an evidence to make them feel reality and websites provide a reason to customer that why they should trust you.
  10.  Built impression: Websites built impression among your customer about the company. It makes them feel that your company is so reputed and successful then it really be.
  11.  Improve customer services: It helps to improve customer services, by providing them a bunch of knowledge about the product, frequently asked question, blogging and through live chat they get immediate response of their problem.
  12.  Works as remainder: Website work as a remainder of your business goals as whenever you are checking or revising your content you revisit your business goals.

Ask Not What Your Website Will Do for You, Until You Have Optimized Your Website

The rules governing effective SEO practices change quickly. Over the years,Google GOOG +3.68% alone has made thousands of changes to the way it finds and prioritizes information on the web. While most of these alterations have been small, there have also been several major changes, which has significantly impacted how marketers think about SEO.

The plain truth: what was effective yesterday may not be as effective today. So what options exist? Which are the best ideas for your marketing efforts? And finally, does your SEO advisor know the ins and outs of the latest search engine standards and practices?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Spending a lot up front these days is silly. Having your website optimized to appear higher in the SERPs when keywords are entered into a search engine, might not be a bad idea. But you shouldn’t be handing over large portions of your budget in advance. Now, over time, if your website rises in the search results, in turn, allowing you to experience more organic traffic and leads, then you can recognize the value. To help you make the most of your web-marketing, try SEO services that are priced on a performance basis; you won’t be charged until your website is ranked 30 or above in search engines like Google, Yahoo YHOO +0.36%! and Bing*. In short, never pay upfront for services that may fall short. (They typically will.)

Pay-per-Click (PPC): PPC allows websites to place paid advertisements at the top of a search results page, which appear when related terms are entered into the search engine. With each click, visitors are taken to your site, allowing for a quick traffic boost and increased conversion potential. These ads can be geo-targeted to potential clients in your demographic. In short, the entire focus is identifying certain key word and phrases to be identified with a particular business – at an affordable pay per click rate.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO): A landing page may be defined as any page your site that visitors arrive at from clicking an inbound link. By optimizing layout, visuals, and content of this first page, your site will experience an increased conversion rate.

Google Algorithm Savvy: Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out “major” algorithmic updates (such as Google Panda, Penguin, and the latest – Hummingbird) that affect search results in significant ways.

For example, Hummingbird represents the biggest change to Google’s search algorithm since 2010 (‘Caffeine’), impacting no less than 90 percent of searches. Despite all the troubles it causes to SEO peddlers, Hummingbird is definitely a step in the right direction and could prove beneficial to those “doing things the right way.” In fact, the update is far more capable of understanding human language subtleties – thereby improving results. Google’s most recent changes intend to take a bite at sties with pages where content is buried under tons of ads, are spammy, and have little to offer the search community.

For search marketers, understanding Google updates can help explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic, and ultimately improve search engine optimization. While frustrating, these changes are moving the world of internet marketing toward something greater. Which brings us to our final and most important point…

Build Quality Sites, Not Links: Although the criteria governing search continue to change at a rapid (and at times challenging) pace, take solace in the fact that things are moving in the right direction. Before, finding out how to “game the system” was just as valuable as learning and observing the rules. As popular search engine algorithms grow smarter, web content and search results get much better.

Drop the tactical SEO behavior of the past and adopt a more strategic approach. Not only will your SEO efforts naturally improve, you will be helping to create more value for your clients and potential customers.